4 Super Easy PRO Steps to Writing Better Rhymes
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Do you want to instantly improve the way you write rap flows?
If you’ve hit a wall and need to learn more about the science of rhyme, this mini e-course will be the most useful thing you do this year. Rap music needs your original voice.
You can’t take your rhymes to the next level without expert help. And I’m here for you.
You’ll be amazed at how much better your flows will get with these super easy steps.
Impress your friends with incredibly original and inventive rhyme. Hell, maybe you’ll be the next Kendrick Lamar or Chance the Rapper.
You just won’t know unless you check this out.
During this easy 4 day e-course you’ll learn:
  • 4 super easy pieces of actionable advice that you can use to write better rap flows
  • Some key pro hints on what tips your rhyme over the edge to make it great
  • About the science of rhyme and the art of rhyme style
  • How to play around with your bars to improve the way that they sound
The mails are brief and instructive, which means you’ll only spend a minute or two learning something valuable that you can put to work in your writing that same day. Worth it! 
I’ll mail you a step a day, so that you can let it sink in and write with the new information in mind. There’s nothing better than making your music something special.
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